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ASEAN Dengue Day – United Fight Against Dengue

Dengue is a disease that has existed in tropical areas for more than two centuries. Today, it is a growing burden with large-scale global impact. About half of the world’s population live in dengue-endemic areas. Asia alone bears 70% of the global dengue burden.

While many of us know about dengue infection because of its huge burden, not everyone is aware of ASEAN Dengue Day. The decision to have an official regional day for dengue was decided at the 10th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting in 2010. Once a year ASEAN nations commemorate on 15 June, the ASEAN Dengue Day which is an important reminder for us to persist in our fight against a very serious disease affecting the region on a daily basis.

An advocacy event is organized by Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of Thailand, Infectious Diseases Association of Thailand and Asian Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases to increase public awareness of dengue, mobilize resources for its prevention and control, and demonstrate the region’s commitment to tackling the disease.

With the introduction of dengue vaccine, there is now a tool to aid in altering the costly public health burden of dengue as recommended by World Health Organization for countries with high disease burdens to consider introducing the dengue vaccine.

As we mark ASEAN Dengue Day once again, we must remember that each one of us has a role to play in preventing and controlling dengue. With a concerted effort bringing together a collaborative and integrated approach will enable us to take better control of dengue in Asia by diagnosis and case management, integrated surveillance and outbreak preparedness, sustainable vector control, vaccine implementation, basic operational and implementation research. With community mobilization and engagement, we hope that there will be less suffering in our region.

Let us stand united in the fight against dengue.

Professor Usa Thisyakorn M.D.
President, Asian Society for Pediatric Infectious Disease
Standing Committee Members, International Pediatric Association

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